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Fitness and Beauty Begins with Excellent Treated Water (ETW)

Remove harmful substances from water, i.e. chlorine, bacteria, chemical substances and provides a significant function of breaking down the water molecular masses, offering water with high density and dynamic penetration to excel the body's metabolism.

It provides human body with essential soluble minerals for cellular revitalization. Offering dynamic penetration to various vital organs in the human body and remove waste build up and achieve metabolic rejuvenation.

Rinsing vegetable, fruits, fish and meat with water helps to rid of harmful substances in water and enhance the freshness of your food ingredients, as well as preserve the flavour of food in your cooking, ensuring your health and longevity.


SEDIMENT FILTER (Every 3-6 Months) Polypropylene Filter for removal of sand, slit, dirt and rust particles.

CARBON BLOCK FILTER (Every 12 months) High compression coconut shell activated carbon rod with NSF certified. Strong adsorption of chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, organic substances and other harmful substances, as well as taste and odour reduction.

UF MEMBRANE FILTER (Every 18-24 Months) Hollow fiber membrane with pore size 0.01μm, NSF certified. Effectively remove colloid, bacteria, 99.9% of germ in water.

KDF + GAC FILTER (Every 9-12 Months) KDF copper-zinc alloy safely reduce harmful chlorine in water, heavy hydrogen sulfide and inhibit bacteria growth and algae in water. Coconut shell activated carbon to eliminate odours, improve water taste, adsorbed chlorine, chemical residual and other harmful substance.

Dimension, mm (WxDxH) 290 x 100 x 315 270 x 140 x 428 410 x 205 x 590
Weight, kg 1.8 2.8 7.5
Type Desktop Under Cupboard With Housing
Installation Accessories Gooseneck Faucet, PU Tube
Inlet Feed Pressure Natural Feed; Optional: Pump
Filter Specification 3 Stages 4 Stages
First Stage Sediment Filter
Second Stage Carbon Block Filter KDF + GAC Filter
Third Stage UF Membrane Filter Carbon Block Filter
Fourth Stage - - UF Membrane Filter
* Filter Cartridge Configuration subjected to change depend on water quality requirement
* After sales services: Spare Part Service, Repair Service and On-site Support