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About Hydrogen

Hydrogen molecules are present in the natural environment; it is a simple and distribution of a wide range of elements. Modern medicine has proven “Hydrogen” is an endogenous antioxidant; for scavenging free radicals effectively.

Principle of ETW-NH5 (Hydrogen Water)
Benefit of Hydrogen Water
  • Liver Protection
  • Animal experiments proved that the hydrogen water has reduced Liver Inflammation Index (GOT, GPT). Experiments done by Chung San Medical University, and commissioned by our principal, in year 2014.

  • Reduced Rate of Cancer Cell Proliferation and Increase Rate of Cancer Cell Apoptosis
  • Workable on human breast cancer cells, non-small cell lung cancer and cervical cancer cell. Experiments done by China Medical University, and commissioned by our principal, in year 2016.

  • Liver Protection
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation-reduction capability.

  • Alkaline Minerals Supplements
  • Free Radical Scavenging
  • Cell experiments proved that the hydrogen water can prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Filter Specifications
  • Antibacterial Polypropylene Filter (1-3 months)
  • US NSF standard aperture 1-5um standard, the sediment filter can effectively filter out the impurities such as dust, sand, rust and other suspended material from water.

  • USA KX Carbon Block (CTO) Filter (6-12 months)
  • Extruded Carbon with superior adsorption capacity, capable of adsorbing odor, discoloration, removing harmful chlorine and organic compounds from water.

  • UF Membrane (12-15 months)
  • Hollow fiber membrane with pore size 0.01μm. Effectively remove colloid, bacteria, 99.9% of germ in water.

  • Hydrogen Water Generator (12 months)
  • U.S. FDA approved filter media, produce Hydrogen molecule after its contact with water.

  • Nano Silver Coated CTO Filter (12 months)
  • Silver nano particles with antibacterial effect, prevents the growth of bacteria within the filter if water is left inside for long periods.

1. Do not use the system for water temperature over 45ºC
2. Maintenance of cartridges and membrane may vary depends on the incoming water quality.