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When health regimen and the concept of preventive become a mainstream trend, it leads the attention to healthy life style with drinking Excellent Treated Water (ETW).

High Quality Faucet
Lead Free, NSF Listed Faucet
High Pressure Resistance Inlet Hose
Excellent quality of inlet hose prevents serious leaks that is caused by high water pressure or scratch etc
Leak Detector
When leak is detected, system will warn and shut down
Smart Reminder of Cartridge Replacement
Prevent premature replacement filter
24 Hours Water Quality Monitoring
TDS indicator for RO water quality assurance
Water Shortage Monitoring
When insufficient or shortage of water supply is detected, system will warn and shut down
Smart Controller
Filter Replacement Setting
Auto Flush Function
3 in 1 Filter
Leak-stop Design
Front-end Leak Protection
Pressure Tank Design -
NSF-Certified Faucets
SGS Test Report
Capacity Up to 400GPD
Filtration Stages Three
First Stage 3 in 1 Filter, USA
Second Stage 400 GPD RO Membrane
Third Stage In Line Post Carbon
Consumption 60~70W
Equipped with high flow motor, 1L/M
Dimension, Weight 16x46x42cm, 13.5kg

Notes: maintenance of cartridges and membrane may vary depends on the incoming water quality.

* Recommended replacement frequency:
3 in 1 Filter : Every 8000L or 4 months
RO Membrane : Every 3 years or TDS> 35ppm
In Line Post Filter : Every 12 months

* After sales services: Spare Part Service, Repair Service and On-site Support