Our store ships to worldwide. Shipping time varies by location. Estimate Delivery Time: 5-14 business days. Shipping courier is varies from every country as well. Our international courier partners include EMS, DHL & SF. Note: The delivery time mentioned above does not include processing time (normally 1-3 days), You can check the shipping fee for your country below the box after click 'view cart' during check out. We will try our best to make the delivery time shorter and to make sure our customers get their items as soon as possible. Thank you

Country / RegionShipping CostCourierEstimate Shipping Time
MalaysiaFree ShippingPOSLAJU5-14 Business Days

- RM21 (First KG)

- RM15 (Next KG)

MSC5-14 Business Days

- RM30 - RM220 (First KG)

- RM15 - RM100 (Next KG)

EMS/DHL/SF5-14 Business Days

***Note: You will be able to check your shipping fee based on your country after add your desired item into cart. Thank you